Young in Prison

Young in Prison

Creativity frees young people in conflict with the law

YiP is an international NGO that helps children and young people in conflict with the law make a positive contribution to society through creative and sporting programs for personal development in captivity and beyond. In addition, YiP advocacy organizes  initiatives for and with young people in conflict with the law.

Young in Prison provides a world where children and young people in conflict with the law get a fair chance to discover how their talents can make a positive contribution to society.

YiP believes that creativity frees the potential of every child in conflict with the law to make a positive contribution to society. Drawing on work experience with young people in prisons since 2002, YiP has developed the COPOSO method. This stands for Contributing Positively to Society. The values ​​from which COPOSO works are positivity, creativity, equality, inspiration, transparency and honesty. YiP further believes in working on a personal level with the youth and offering energetic workshops.

The impact of YiP’s work is best described by the young people themselves:

“… It is like an escape from the tunnel or rather the confinement in which I find myself. I feel calm because it is not therapy, but finding it of my own.”

“Hope has been growing in my heart since I joined YiP.”

“These workshops help me to recognize my skills, and I have discovered that if you want something you can achieve beautiful things.”

“[The day of the final presentations in prison] was an important day for me because I was singing for my mother. She was very happy to see that I have changed. Young in Prison gave us some time to talk to our parents, so I asked my mother to forgive me for what I had done and she forgave me. “

“This [a chain to symbolize how connected he felt to others] is the symbol of WE from when we worked together. I enjoyed it so much, I couldn’t get my smile off my face. It was so nice.”

“It is not a non-profit organization,

“The moment they handed me my diploma, I got a big smile on my face. When I leave prison, the certificate will remind me of my achievement. And that there were people who saw that I received my diploma.”

“I discovered that I can express my emotions well through graffiti, because I’m not good at words. Thank you for always being there and helping me build a new idea to give my life direction.”