Our Impact



In Nigeria we have a close working relationship with PRAWA, Africa’s most prominent and effective prisoner support and prison reform organization.  We have fielded teams from the GJRC and PRAWA to work with the Nigerian Prison Service to design and produce training manuals and to train groups of prison staff in program development.

In addition, since September of 2019, we have been assisting the Nigerian Federal Government and the Nigerian Prison Service to develop pre-trial evaluation and release programs, probation, parole and other non-custodial measures. This work is on-going, and includes consulting at the highest levels of the Nigerian organizations, including prisons, the judiciary, U.S. Embassy officials and others.

Recent Events

Dr. Gannon recently addressed the annual meeting of the Nigerian Bar Association in Lagos regarding issues of community well-being, value added justice, and movement toward the creation of justice-system “off-ramps” for individuals seeking to abide by the law.


In California, the GJRC is involved with volunteer and contract-based efforts with local non-profits and government agencies in program and organizational development, direct services to individuals in helping them grow away from substance abuse and criminality, and to mental health clients in need of treatment.

Recent Events

Dr. Gannon recently addressed the Criminal Division of the San Luis Obispo Bar Association, presented a seminar on forensic psychology, and presented numerous topics various sized groups for justice-involved parents.