The Global Justice Neighborhood

The Global Justice Neighborhood is a real-world application of modern communications technology to bring people in vastly locations together to share ideas, learn from each other, identify innovations, provide support, and generate self-directed, practical justice improvement by and for real people in real communities around the world.

Scholars for Justice

Scholars for Justice is a collaborative effort of academics and practitioners from all disciplines and areas of human experience to devote just 1% of their professional work to justice issues.

Areas of potential collaboration include thought-leaders from such diverse areas as behavioral economics, anthropology, child development, business administration, evolutionary sciences, organizational psychology, moral philosophy, journalism, environmental studies, and political science.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a new project of the GJRC intended to comprise a semi-formal consortium of clusters of volunteers interested in developing, organizing, publicizing, or implementing innovations in any area of justice practices.

Panel on Justice Technology Innovation and Protections

Not all innovation includes advances in technology, but advances in technology are by definition innovative. We believe justice agencies are significantly behind the times in knowledge about and applications of appropriate technological approaches to justice issues.

While justice principles can be advanced by technology, those same principles can be threatened by technology, and we welcome discussion of the issues at stake. We also encourage commercial innovators to join the panel for discussion and potential awareness dissemination of information about innovative products and services.