Melville Charitable Trust

Melville Charitable Trust

We are driven by one goal: Ending homelessness.

We believe that homelessness is a preventable and solvable problem and philanthropy is an essential partner to end it.

Since our founding in 1990, the Melville Charitable Trust has invested over $140 million to end homelessness for good. For over 25 years, we have consistently and strategically invested in proven, lasting, and cost-effective solutions that enable people with the least resources and biggest barriers to success to reclaim their lives. And where solutions have not yet been identified we support exploration and innovation to find the most promising approaches.

Our grantmaking dollars are roughly split between efforts to end homelessness in our home state of Connecticut and in creating a better policy environment at the national level. Connecticut is our proving ground–the place where we support, test, and promote approaches and innovations in ending homelessness. We use this experience to inform our investments in organizations that support the expansion of scalable, cost-effective, and empowering solutions to end homelessness.

Our grantmaking is grounded in three simple beliefs:

  1. Homelessness in the wealthiest democracy in the world is scandalous.
  2. Ending homelessness is within our reach. All we need is the political will to make it happen.
  3. Safe, healthy, and affordable housing is key to ending homelessness.
We are funders and conveners, leaders and advocates for long-term sustainable change.

We are inspired and united by the vision of a society where everyone has a place that they can call home–safe, decent, and affordable places in healthy, economically thriving and supportive communities.

We identify, support, and promote practices that are most effective in ending homelessness.

We strive to build networks and strengthen provider, developer, research, and advocacy communities.

We believe that by working together in deep partnership with advocates, providers, policymakers, and funders we can end homelessness in our nation.