Criminal Justice Alliance

Criminal Justice Alliance

The Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA), is a uniquely authoritative coalition of 140 organizations working together to create a fairer and more effective criminal justice system.

We promote ways of diverting people from crime, crime reduction, better policing, fairer justice, reduced reliance on imprisonment and better rehabilitation.

Our membership includes campaigning charities, voluntary sector service providers, research institutions and staff associations. Nine in ten of our members say our collective influencing work ‘adds value’ to theirs.

CJA provides:
  • A forum to identify and promote solutions
  • A strong collective voice
  • A gateway for dialogue with policy-makers and the media
  • A balanced and informed point of view
We campaign by:
  • briefing MPs, peers and others on Parliamentary bills
  • engaging the media, highlighting issues and initiatives to inform the public, practitioners and interest groups
  • building coalitions with partner organisations ensuring CJA has a powerful, authoritative voice in debates and consultations.

Current specific workstreams include:

Right to Restorative Justice

We want to secure a legal entitlement to restorative justice for victims of crime within five years. This would be part of the government’s promised Victims’ Bill, or a Criminal Justice Bill. Our work in this area has been developed in liaison with a reference group of member organisations from the Restorative Justice Council to Victim Support.