Youth Law Center

Youth Law Center

Standing up for children at risk

We envision a world where system interventions and approaches prioritize children’s humanity and needs.

Our Mission

The Youth Law Center advocates to transform foster care and juvenile justice systems across the nation so every child and youth can thrive.

Our Unique Approach
  • Listening to the voices of clients and consumers including children and youth, their birth families, and foster and kinship families when deciding what problems to approach and designing solutions.
  • Integrating research in the design of litigation, system change approaches and solutions from diverse fields including child development, psychology, behavioral economics, marketing and branding, and adult learning.
  • Advocacy that is based on a standard of “advocating for children in care as if they are our own”. This results in advocacy focused on high expectations, and an individual approach.
Our Values
  • Knowledge of the law, research and the facts on the ground.
  • Integrity to do what is best for our clients regardless of financial or social consequences to ourselves, and to be deserving of the trust of our supporters and clients.
  • Commitment to pursue solutions urgently and relentlessly.
  • Respect for the individuality of children and families and their potential to thrive, and respect for the efforts of those who strive to serve them.