Penal Reform International

Penal Reform International

Our values reflect how we approach criminal justice reform and set
the tone for how we function internally as an organisation. Our values can be placed under our definition of good governance.

Our approach to criminal justice reform seeks to prevent the harms that prison and the criminal justice system can cause to those in contact with the law, as well as to their families and society at large.
We have procedures in place to prevent our actions from causing suffering or harm to our beneficiaries or to others in the criminal justice system.

We endeavour to ensure our actions, interventions and management do not harm our staff or partners. The safety, security and wellbeing of our staff are paramount, and we equip staff to take good care of themselves.

We promote equal access to justice and fair process for those suspected of having committed criminal offences and those who have committed criminal offences. We offer paths to address discrimination and intolerance in criminal justice systems. We actively promote the involvement and participation of disadvantaged and socially excluded groups in efforts to reform and oversee criminal justice systems and ensure respect for their rights.

We value diversity and the talents of our staff and the contribution each one makes. We work to ensure that all staff are treated with respect, regardless of their position in the organisation. We do not tolerate discrimination or violence against staff, especially on grounds of gender, ethnicity, disability, age, religion, or sexual identity.