International Prisoner’s Family Conference

International Prisoner’s Family Conference

The InterNational Prisoner’s Family Conference is a grassroots organization initiated in 2009 to address critical issues of those affected by incarceration personally and/or professionally.  Originally the project of a community based nonprofit organization, in November 2018, the conference Board of Directors* began the application procedure for 501(c)3 nonprofit status as a stand-alone non-profit organization and successfully esablished the conference as an independent organization in April of 2019.

Far more than a traditional “conference,” the annual event provides information and valuable resources in a non-judgmental, welcoming setting where it is safe to share openly about having been affected by incarceration.  

Wonder what attendees think of the conference? 

Thanks to a spontaneous YouTube posting from members of the Strong Prison Wives and Families (SPWF) after they attended the 2018 conference, we have some unsolicited feedback!

And, here’s what Prison The Hidden Sentence shared about the 10th Anniversary Prisoners’ Family Conference!

The conference has attracted attendees from across the country and abroad and in 2018 celebrated its 10th anniversary featuring a panel discussion evidencing the organization’s desire to close the long standing Empathy Gap preventing significantly needed criminal justice reform.