Greenlining Institute

Greenlining Institute

Greenlining is the solution to redlining. We advance economic opportunity and empowerment for people of color through advocacy, community and coalition building, research, and leadership development.


Founded in 1993, The Greenlining Institute is a policy, research, organizing, and leadership institute working for racial and economic justice. We work on a variety of major policy issues, from the economy to environmental policy, health care and many others, because economic opportunity has many parts, and they all connect. We don’t see these issues as being in separate silos, but as interconnected threads in a web of opportunity.

Driving everything we do is a vision of equity in which opportunity is truly within reach of all. For our nation to succeed, communities of color must succeed, and we are determined to make that happen.

Headquartered in Oakland, California, Greenlining’s approach connects community leaders with policymakers, researchers and private sector leaders. We design and support policies designed to open doors to opportunity, recognizing that America’s racial wealth gap was created by deliberate policy choices and it will take deliberate, race-conscious choices to end it. We don’t see these interactions as a zero-sum game in which one side must win and the other must lose. Instead, we reach for win-win solutions that expand opportunity for all Americans.

Our Leadership Academy trains the leaders of the future to be effective advocates for justice and fairness. Through its programs, the Academy has trained and empowered over 1,000 young leaders since 1996. Our graduates have gone on to occupy influential positions in government, business and the nonprofit sector, including multiple elective offices and a seat on the California Supreme Court.